Dynamic duo of PLACES+FACES took their whole project back home to London to exhibit their insider on documenting modern hip-hop life around the world

The internet and social media sensation PLACES+FACES, came back to London for a popular and artistic exhibition from October 16-18. The exhibition included familiar faces in the rap and street fashion scene with the likes of ASAP Rocky, Kanye West, Ian Connor, Skepta, ASAP Yams, Rejjie Snow, Virgil Abloh, Travis Scott, JME, Action Bronson and many more.    

All of the exhibition was an insight in modern day hip-hop culture all captured in art form and through a camera lens. The exhibition was an underground and edgy gallery in a dark and smaller space however there were a few big faces who still managed to turn up to the exhibition like Jammer from BBK and ASAP Lou from ASAP Mob and UK DJ Siobhan Bell. 

The duo of Ciesay and Soulz travel around the globe documenting the day-to-day lives of hip-hop culture personnels, whilst building relationships on the job as well. Going to places like London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Toronto and capturing these personnels in everyday life, they can be on tour, performing live shows or just simply chillin'. They've managed to do this with just a few cameras. The duo have made a well known project very popular with today's youth who have a deep interest in this 'new wave' of hip-hop.    

The artistic work done by the duo is portrayed in the pictures as the personnels are not too fussed about posing, they're at times, caught by surprise and the location is not that big of a deal. Also some pictures are captured with a cheap disposable camera. The duo have turned low budget pictures in to a famous piece of photography art in a document.  

With a hit YouTube channel, the PLACES+FACES duo are also portraying their artwork with moving pictures. They showcase their art on YouTube by doing different episodes in several different cities with a load of different hip-hop and creative personnels. With the regular 'shoutouts' from fellow peers and rappers, the + logo duo are slowly becoming more than just a word lurking around on the street.   

Big rappers and hip-hop personnels, successful YouTube channel and a popular upcoming clothing line. PLACES+FACES are on their way to being a hit with today's hip-hop and street inspired youth. Some items of the P+F clothing line was on sale at the exhibition like the baby coloured hats and a the bags. They have a range of items including the variety of caps (which are known for selling out in very short time), the designer hoodies and T-shirts. As well as the hoodies, which are very popular and sell out rapidly.  


Original photos by places+faces

Photo credits: EX.O Trevor X EX.O Kai X EX.O BG 



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