Multi-genre fusing with Lonely Painter

London situated fusion band mix different styles generating a hybrid and new sound

Multi-genre music group Lonely Painter from London/Hertfordshire have been hoping to make it on the scene for a bit of a while now. After catching up with them at their London gig performance at the Camden Barfly, they are bound to break in to the scene anytime soon. 

From the multiple styles fused together, the crew have a head spinning, unique sound with the different vibes and genres of R&B styled vocals and laid back soul vibes and a groovy jazz sound they all fuse into making one overall fusion. The group have a bullet in the gun to shoot for bigger and better prospects in their music scene. 

Having already made an appearance at BBC Introducing and many plays racked up on their SoundCloud, the crew have really been making a name for themselves in the underground scene even with no real EP or mixtape. Yet!

A few of their tracks have been released online with the range of styles like Power and M3 Cruise influenced by 'old skool' American soul with R&B elements and Jazz and indie. 

The crew have already appeared on BBC Introducing in the Herts region doing a live acoustic session and having a few of their songs added on the official channel playlist. Lonely Painter have been gradually getting their name getting their name out and getting the recognition of big stations and have also performed in legendary venues. Earlier in January, the band performed a gig in Camden where we caught up with them at the legendary Barfly (same place where Coldplay had one of their first gigs) 

The multi-genre fusion is becoming a popular genre in youth music today and Lonely Painter are surely pioneering their own style of fusion.     


Photo Credits: EX.O Trevor

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