14 year old managing and controlling the future of Grime

Meet Riley. He's 14 years old and from the grime stomping ground, Brockley, South London. He works with people who are set to be the future of Grime music like Elf Kid, Novelist, The square, Tugg Set and YGG.

Riley is commonly known for filming one of the most legendary Grime music videos 'ENDZ' by Novelist with over 200,000 views on YouTube. He also helped organize and document the REP X Roundel London grime show at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch back in December which headlined artists like Mez, Nomis, Faze Miyake, General Courts, AJ Tracey, Elf Kid DeeCee, YGG, Faultz, Blakie and more.  

We caught up with the Supreme Younger and got to know a bit about him. He already manages a few of the Grime MC's like the upcoming DeeCee and Lz and sometimes even has access to shows or events which are strictly over 18. His phone must of rang 10 times in the space of 5 minutes showing how much responsibility he has at this age and how popular he is in the grime industry already.  

Riley is one of the very many talented people flying the flag for South London. The Supreme Younger's story runs way deeper than just his skills with a canon or Panasonic and organisation of events and management of future stars. Any adolescent from the 'Endz' who is involved in this industry is doing it to make a living as Riley says "I'm not trying to make grands, I've done that, I'm trying to make a milli"   

Also Riley being a member of Tugg Set which is a new Grime collective with a roster of artists like Novelist, Reekz and Camz etc. they are bound to have brilliant video content.

On October 19th 2015 the video for 'ENDZ' by Novelist was released and the video was co-filmed by Riley. It was even stated as one of the best Grime videos of 2015 and will remain as one Grime's best music videos of all time. The video really epitomizes the new wave of Grime with vintage and retro elements and bringing back the "I don't give a fuck" attitude of Grime.   

For today's generation all the kids are starting to try make a name for themselves but Riley is leading the way and there is no better time for the Supreme Younger to be flying high the same time the Grime scene is going all over the globe and setting a new trend in style, music and culture. 



Photo Credits (of Riley): EX.O Trevor