Rising rap collective from South London taking the city by Storm.  

The Collective H.O.P are a team made up of young, raw and vibrant individuals who share many talents other then music, specifically known for their music and production within the rap industry. The rap crew is made up of six rappers of Blaze, Nysh Bandanna, Stern, AJ, Kevin Taylor and Sam Wise.  

The crew have pioneered an eclectic sound with influences of Hip-Hop, Grime, Jazz and Reggae. Also with the inspirations of  individual artists such as Mike Skinner, Stormzy, Jessie James, Young Thug, Travis $cott, Chris Brown and more, The crew are creating a hybrid and colourful style of music hitting the city.       

With their upbeat and distinctive sound it is evident that the young individuals have the rap industry at the tip of their fingers , rising out of South London and now making it on main stages in and around the country. 

Recently the crew have headlined at the No.1 platform for up and coming UK music event, the I AM NEXT showcase in the heart of London's East end, taking to the stage H.O.P brought their distinctly fused rap sound and unforgettable stage presence to the youths of London, performing up to 1000's of people. This was definitely a night to remember! 

Being on the scene for a while now their music has really made a name for themselves with over 3 major hits on YouTube with up to 56,000 views from the phenomenal track 1:11.  Not only this but the crew have been recently recognised and have received incredible support from North London's Rap/Grime artist, Chipmunk, showing his respects on social media, both Twitter and Snapchat. 

Having already making appearances at BBC radio with DJ Semtex, getting invited to Converse HQ and getting interviewed for the new YouTube channel 'Nation of Billions' (Which also featured artists like Post Malone, Migos and Vince Staples), H.O.P have been dubbed to have a big breakthrough in 2016.  

Meeting the rap crew on a personal face to face basis it was evident, that the young individuals are such genuine and hard working people you will ever meet, making them such a great addition to UK Rap scene. Even stating that they are "Trying to embody London and the culture".  

EX.O: What was it like to meet DJ Semtex? 

H.O.P: (Stern) Yeah it was like a movie for real to meet him because I used to watch his videos on YouTube and stuff and the fact he has recognised us means a lot.   

EX.O: Your sound is obviously different to what people would think 'London Rap Crew', who are you guys influenced by? 

H.O.P (Sam Wise): I think that's interesting because it depends on how you view music but our sound is mainly influenced from Hip-Hop to Jazz and we really just want to represent London, our city you get me? We are influenced by loads of rappers, UK people like Jessie James, Stormzy, Mike Skinner and USA like Young Thug you know he's the guy right now and Travis $cott doing his thing, he's wavey! (Nysh Bandanna) Yeah yeah Young Thug is the guy man! Like there is loads of artists making a big impact on our culture you get me like our dress sense and shit.  

EX.O: You obviously worked with Ali-A and Allegorical who filmed and directed 1:11, how did it feel to work with big film directors in London's youth scene? 

H.O.P: (Sam Wise) Oh shit yeah big up Ali for real! He's such a character man. He's one of those wacky directors that are fun to work with and we get shit done as well. (Stern) He's got visions as well you know, it's so cool to work with a guy who has the same vision to get somewhere. Also big up Alex Odam who is behind the camera. (Bandanna) Yeah man big up Ali, he's just one of those guys that wants to get shit done you know like he wants to do his thing as well as we are man.

EX.O: So where would you like to see yourself in say 2-5 years? 

H.O.P: (Stern) Just to be happy and branch our name out in London. Like our name is actually going around you get me. But we just want to be in a place where we are happy but making big moves man. (Sam Wise) Yeah man I just feel that we got to have a platform where we can be around the right artists and people and we would be able to expand our sound and ourselves you know. (Bandanna) Well our name actually is going around and we want to keep it that way but make it bigger and much better you know. Just getting recognition by other artists that we have an interest in would be mad because we can make bangers you know and get more recognition.                           


Photo Credits: EX.O Trevor

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