A nostalgic film/documentary by Alia Hassan and Allegorical.

'Bittersweet Baghdad' is a new powerful film/documentary that attempts to understand the difference and similarity of people living in modern day Iraq and ourselves in the west. The film accounts many different people in their day-to-day, trivial activities.

The inspiration is drawn from American wartime propaganda, in the sense that it can take the most dire situations and subject matter and still somehow make these things romanticised and desirable.

In the film there are various interviews with people who have never been given the opportunity to speak on their perception of where they live, including an exclusive interview with the notorious Iraqi war hero Abu Izreal.

This is ultimately a film that tries to make the audience understand the humanity of the people they are watching and that life for them isn't myriad of constant war related atrocities and that even in the worst of situations, there are still relatable pockets of life.  

The full film is going to be released in April. The Allegorical team have done a good job in creating a vice-like film/documentary with twists and perks making it one to watch for knowledge purposes and entertainment.