Meet Macca Wiles (Mr Finneser), the 18-year-old UK Trap/Drill rap pioneer

When you hear trap/drill rap, instantly you think Chief Keef, Migos, Gucci Mane, Lil Reese, Rich The Kid, Future, Young Thug and many more. It's all about the "Trapni***s", money counting, the 'hoes' and lavish hood lifestyle from Atlanta or Chiraq etc. However Macca Wiles is a skinny white dude with grillz and dreadlocks from London/Essex. (Yes, we know it's very unexpected!) But don't get it twisted, his music is no less trap than Gucci Mane and is very much appreciated in the home of trap music, Atlanta.  

Mr Finesser is igniting a new flame of UK trap/drill which has already helped him and his crew 200 gang, make worldwide connects and gain recognition by fellow trap heavy-weights like OG Maco and members of South Korea's Cohort Crew. Including members like Keith Ape, JayAllDay and Okasian who made one of 2015's most popular songs 'It G Ma'. 

Trap/drill lies way deeper than guns, crack whipping, money and 'thots' to Macca. He has a new trap sound which includes different hooks on the beats and the change in voice and mood and flows. You can hear on a track like 'Chilling', the beat, flows and lyrics are typical savage "I'm gonn shoot yo ass" drill rap. Then a track like 'Bottom of my cup' is a light hearted and more laid back trap flow with melodies. Which is out of the ordinary and typical trap rap flow. 

Wiles has a solid fan base in the USA. With people asking him for pictures and engaging with his whole look more so than in the UK. When we asked him how he thinks the UK responds to his image and trap flow he answered whilst sipping lean out of his cup. "I haven't received any major hate but what I get asked is why am I trying to be American. Plus people have seen what I've done already for my age. I get the odd shit on Twitter but that's by random people no one big. So they can hate on me but not my music".  

The 18-year-old is on the rise to the top, already having a big social media buzz with over 16k followers and countless amount of plays on SoundCloud. With Macca's songs being heard and liked in many places around the USA and the world, it has caught the attention of some big people in today's new young hip-hop scene around the world like, J $stash, Cohort Crew, and 4tro  

Macca has already made an appearance on the infamous worldwide Pigeons & Planes music blog (ran by Complex Music) with fellow trap rapper and homie, Well$ during his show in New York. The writers from Pigeons & Planes noticed Macca and alongside Well$, they dubbed Macca as the "British Gucci Mane".   

The progression and rise of Mr Finesser has been brilliant to watch and it's about to get better as the young artist is revolutionising trap/drill rap.   

EX.O: So what made you get in to rapping?

Macca Wiles: I first started rapping in my bedroom and shit when I first heard Giggs - Walk in the Park. Like obviously I was still listening to JME and all them lot but when Giggs came through it changed the game completely! Like I couldn't stop listening to it. But I started rapping a little bit when I was going through some shit in my life but I knew how to deal with it. But I proper got interested in rapping when I heard Chief Keef - Love Sosa. I still remember the exact night at my mum's house. I heard Love Sosa when it must have been on about 20,000 views and I just remember replaying it like 10 times over again. I never heard nothing like that before you get me.  

EX.O: So we know that you opened for big acts like OG Maco and Okasian and B-Free. How does it feel to be recognised by these big international artists? 

Macca Wiles: Yeah man it feels sick! Like with Okasian and them man, they stayed out here for a week and I was with them just chilling and shit. Like basically a guy called Hoo from South Korea hooked us up and we just got on from there. But yeah it feels so sick being recognised and opening for these types of people because at the end of the day that's what I'm trying to do. Like it goes to show the reason I get booked for these types of shows is because they know my type of vibe, you get me? It will sound more believable if I was opening for OG Maco than I was for someone like Ghetts.Like it's my style that trap shit. 

EX.O: Yeah for real. talk us through your dress sense, how would you describe it? 

Macca Wiles: Haha! My dress sense is weird. [sipping lean out of his cup]. I just dress how ever the fuck I want to be honest. Like I don't really know where my sense comes from and shit. A lot of the shit I wear I make myself. I get loads and loads of clothes sent to my mum's crib you should see my wardrobe, I get sent loads of clothes. Bare brands just send me clothes, some of them are sick but you do get the occasional clothes that aren't that good.   

EX.O: You have your own trap/drill flow uncommon to the UK. How do you think the UK responds to it?  

Macca Wiles: You know what I feel like I've never received any major hate. The main thing I get told by people in the UK even by some other artists is, "You're mad different I've never come across anyone like you". Like if you listen to my songs you can hear that I use UK slang and I let people know I'm from the UK because a few people hear me and say "Why do you sound American?" But people can see the connections I have and made, what I've done and places I've been, so they can hate but they cant really hate you get me? Like obviously I get the occasional bullshit on Twitter or Instagram but that's by no one big you know. I just let my music talk I don't really give a shit what people have to say about me or my music.  

  EX.O: We have been hearing rumours that you and Nyck Newz are working on a joint EP, is this true?  

Macca Wiles: Me and Nyck were working on an EP together and he's from North Carolina but he ended up moving to California so he didn't have his studio so shit was just moving slow. Like when I came back from the states I started getting a lot busier and so did Nyck.   

EX.O: Are you hoping to link up with Nyck when you go to LA? 

Macca Wiles: Basically we really wanna shoot a video for our track 'Triple Double' in LA and we also got a new track called 'White Vans' which we are looking to drop soon. Funnily the song has nothing to do with white vans lool!  

EX.O: Have you got any new tracks dropping soon? 

Macca Wiles: Yeah man I got two new tracks that I'm gonna be dropping soon because I just gotta sort out the press and shit but I've got one Grime track that I'm dropping you know. I just wanna show people the versatility you get me?  

EX.O: Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years? 

Macca Wiles: Gone fam! I just want to be making big moves and shit you know and it's all starting from now like I wanted to go to SXSW this year but I handed my application late which was shit coz I have hella connects out there you know. But I just wanna be in a sick place and hopefully be living like out in the States. That's somewhere I can really see myself. 

EX.O: Why USA? 

Macca Wiles: That's just somewhere I like a lot, everything there is just better from the food, the bitches and the people are so accepting you get me? Like I feel I am more known in the USA than I am in the UK. I was out there once in the airport and one person just came up to me and said "Oh you're Macca Wiles" and it put a smile on my face. The same as when I was in a mall, a bunch of people came up to me and said "Yoo it's Mr Finesser" and took pictures with me. 


Photos by: EX.O Trevor - @trevfromexo: Instagram


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