The Allegorical x H.O.P collaboration takes place once again! 

The Allegorical team have once again linked up with House of Pharaohs in the making for a new music video for the H.O.P SoundCloud banger 'Raid' which has gained over 19,000 plays in under a whole month and is one of the most popular songs at this moment. The music video is going to be released on the 6th April. The video is a raw and a distinctive 'H.O.P Energy' even getting us pumped up through the computer screen.  The London rap crew have teamed up with their homies at Allegorical for the shoot and direction of two previous huge videos like '1:11' and 'Mean Muggin' receiving over 65,000 views and 21,000 views. Now it's time for the hat-trick with 'Raid'. The collaboration between House of Pharaohs and Allegorical has had a brilliant effect on the rap crew seeing as their most viewed music videos have been alongside the collab with Allegorical.  

The music video has the improvised vibes and is set in the traditional hyped up and energetic H.O.P theme. The raw video shooting and the natural act of the video makes it feel like you're watching a rap cypher, with every single member going in hard and taking it in turns around the front of the camera to feel the vibes and spray some of their bars!   

Everyone stay tuned around social media for the drop of the new video tomorrow. It will be an actual Raid!   

Media via Youtube  

Picture via Allegorical