Two young creatives take us in to a world of modern art

On 4th June, Colin Thelermont and Jason Ngimbi bless us with a new art exhibition they're holding at the Strand Gallery in Charring Cross, London. The exhibition is a showcase of 12 different artists in digital art, fashion, photography, music and more. Focusing your eyes on the artwork above, it will give you a small insight in the 'wacky', modern and youthful art going to be showcased on the day. 

This event is hosted by two youngsters, showcasing the artistic lives of youngsters and the London youth scene both classic and modern era. Again proving they are taking us in to a world of modern art. With a promising line-up of artists being showcased, make sure the date, time and location is safely in your calendar. 'A First Look @ Things' has been raised with an ethos of flamboyance and outstanding creativity from the young premature minds. 

Thankfully, we have taken a first look at things and have been intrigued and so can everyone else on the 4th of June from 11am - 4pm at the Strand Gallery. There will also be a few live sets by different DJ's during the day so make sure you get down there!   

For more information on the exhibition follow the page on Facebook