Film by Alia Hassan and Allegorical 

Film by Alia Hassan and Allegorical 

Bittersweet Baghdad: Release

Alia Hassan and allegorical have been working like slave on this film! 'BITTERSWEET BAGHDAD' attempts to understand both the contrasts and the parallels drawn between modern-day Iraqi society and that of us in the west today. The film explores this relationship through the accounts of men, women and children living in Baghdad.

Drawing its inspiration from American wartime propaganda, the film depicts its subject matter in a charming and romantic light, even despite the hardships these people evidently face and arguably the dire context on which their society is set. It surrounds a selection of interviews, conducted with people who had never previously been given the opportunity to express their perception of life in Baghdad - including an exclusive dialogue with the notorious Iraqi war hero, Abu Izrael.   

Clearly, Alia Hassan has been working hard to produce a masterpiece which is soon coming to the public. The film is set in an authentic documentary vibe. The vice-like film has been long awaited and the release is sure to surprise many. To stay updated with the release of the Bittersweet Baghdad film follow Alia on Twitter.