Young South-London rapper making a big name for himself, with the release of his new banger!

Meet Kane. You may have seen his face in multiple Section Boyz music videos. However, he isn't just a friend or affiliate, he raps too! And his music no way lacks. 

Rapping has been something that Kane has been doing for a long while but he has been taking it much more seriously as time went by and as he started to experience more personal matters go on. Also the influence of his pals prospering in the rap game has edged Kane to take rap in his grasp and make something out of it. "It's no longer a joke ting. I'm taking it mad serious from now on". Kane says eagerly.  

The young rapper is paving his own way to the UK rap game even though he's around the right people. His realness and open ambition has given him the desire to take that extra step forward as He is in the mode of working on a string of tracks. 

His first track and video called 'Sent an emoji' was released in December. Even though the track "wasn't really that serious" states Kane, he has a raw, 'trappy' flow and vibe to his style of rap. He still embodies the streets and the environment he was raised by. His ability to switch flows and style is an epitome of the UK Street Sound with many different influences creating an authentic hybrid sound. "I listen to a lot of Sosa (Chief Keef) and I really like Famous Dex at the moment, they're just mad!" Also the influences from his own crew edges him on to keep switching flows and style.

Kane's hard work in the studio has evidently paid off. He's just dropped his latest track on LinkUp TV 'See Me'. When Kane mentioned that "It's no longer a joke ting", this was exactly what he meant. The track is more of a drill-type UK rap. The energy and rawness in his flow is channelled through with his savage mentality and his influence of Chief Sosa. Looking at the visuals and hearing the aggression in his voice you can instantly tell that there is no way Kane is fuckin' around when it comes to rap. Be the first to listen to Kane's new banger.

EX.O: How is the rapping going for you at the moment?

Kane: For real, it just all makes sense coz of the mandem. Like bare people say that I'm always in the videos why don't I just rap. But obviously I'm just getting started on a serious ting you get me. 

EX.O: You're with section obviously, does that influence you more with your rap? 

Kane: Yeah yeah definitely! Like them lots style and flow can rub off a man. So that's why I thought fuck it let me rap a riddim you know what I mean.  

EX.O: Have you been rapping for long? 

Kane: Kind of, I was rapping on a joke ting when I was in jail but not seriously. Like now it's a straight goal.  

EX.O: You have a track 'Sent an emoji' which has been out for a while, have you been working on any new bangers? 

Kane: I got this new ting that man brought bout called 'See me'. You see with 'Sent an emoji', that wasn't really that serious, that was like a try-out. But with this now it's gonna be serious like it's gonna be on LinkUp TV and that. It's different now. It's no longer a joke ting - I'm taking it mad serious from now on.  

EX.O: Which artists are you currently listening to at the moment? 

Kane: It's funny coz I only really listen to the mandem. I don't really listen to many English rappers coz I don't really feel man are real like that. That's my opinion. Like on a track you're mostly gonna hear loads of greez. But I really like Giggs you know, he's old school. 

EX.O: What's your main focus with rap? 

Kane: Honest truth, man wants to get off the roadsides you know. Like I wanna do more than just have a line coz that's dead now. Like I wanna go and do my own thing and have fun and shit. 

 EX.O: Do you think you will get any other Section members on tracks? 

Kane: Not really at the moment. Man will do that when I really need that you get me. Like people just need to see the growth and the change before I can get any of the mandem on tracks you know. Like I'll do that when It's time to. 

EX.O: A lot of people see your face in videos but they don't think you rap. Are you trying to break away from this? 

Kane: Yeah yeah. Also I just feel if I'm already known, why not do my own thing. Like obviously you can see my face in videos and that but I need something for myself that I really enjoy as well and that. Like the best thing is with Section, there is 6 man but they all got different flows. Even I do! I will mix like Swift and Dee's flow or Littlez and Inch or whatever. I will mix them lots flow to make my own flow.  

EX.O:  How would you describe your music? 

Kane: I wouldn't say it's Grime like I'd just say rap. The beats I use are kind of American/UK but any track I make I want it to make you jump, get you gassed! My music is meant to be jumpy you know. I need you to go mad to my music you get me! 

EX.O: Who would you like to work with in the UK or States? 

Kane: Mans on Chief Keef still! I listen to a lot of Chief Keef and really like Famous Dex as well. Those two are just my guys still! For real with UK though I couldn't even choose. Like I just wouldn't work with anyone else apart from Section really. 

EX.O: Why don't you think a lot of UK rappers don't deliver much? 

Kane: Obviously I know the roads. Like way before the Section you see now, it was Squeeze Section that was like greez, man were really about it on a mad one. But I think many try to force road upon them. Apart from Section I like 67 and I've known about them from way back.  

EX.O: What is it like going to shows around the country with your team? 

Kane: Mad! All I can say is mad! Like it motivates me bare to keep doing my own ting as well because the mad things I've experienced is because of the mandem you know. That's why I'm gonna be on a serious grind because I wanna be at a stage they're at and I can give them something back you get me.   

EX.O: What do you hope the future is saying for you? 

Kane: Like mans trying to blow up! It's a sick way to make bread. I haven't released much but already I'm getting places that even want to book me for a show fam! But obviously I'm going to do this ting in steps and hopefully get big... 

EX.O: ...What's the next step for you after bringing more music? 

Kane: I'd really like to start doing my own shows and that. That's what I want to pop up because getting some money for a couple shows will help me out. Like them low underground shows and from there just build up. 

Photos by: EX.O Trevor