Japanese rap guru - Kohh shuts down London on his debut European tour!  

You may know Kohh for undoubtedly delivering the hardest verse in one 2015s biggest hip-hop songs 'It G Ma' which received over 24 million views on Youtube.    

The Tokyo sensation came to Europe on early July prior to the release of his new album 'DIRT II'. For most Londoners you may not understand what Kohh says in his raps, but you can hear that he no way lacks! The Tokyo rapper's headline show was more than just a performance. The event was jam packed with youngsters dripping in sweat and turning up to Kohh.

The event also featured a young London rap crew who are prospering and making a big impact in the London youth Scene - House of Pharaohs. They opened the show and looked like it was their headline show with their whole squad on stage vibing and getting the crowd pumped by creating mosh pits and doing leaps of faith on to the crowd.  

Kohh also brought out the Rich Forever signee and American rapper aka Kohh's homie - J $tash. $tash literally came out of nowhere as soon as DJ Rikki started playing Kohh x J$tash biggest track 'Hiroi Sekai'.


Photo by: EX.O Trevor