We linked up with the Grillz company behind the VVS diamonds in some of your favourite rappers.   

Everyone wants ice! The ever-growing trend of Grillz is hitting it's peak. 10 years ago the only people with Grillz in their mouth would be the Drug Dealers and big American rappers. We met the founder of Bare Grillz and 'plug' for London's Grillz - Jayesh in his low-key, secluded dental lab in the heart of West London only a stones throw away from Wembley Stadium .  

Nowadays Grillz are a lot more accepted in youth and hip-hop culture. You don't have to be a 'gangsta' rapper to walk down the street with an 18k grill or a 6-set of rose gold slugs in your mouth. Bare Grillz take advantage of the recent popularity of Grillz to provide the highest quality fitting and the best Grillz to all types of people. "To me it's about giving the people what they really really want". Jayesh said.  

Bare Grillz are also known for designing and fitting the Grillz for some of the UK's biggest rappers like AJ Tracey, Blade Brown and members of Section Boyz. With Jayesh being a big Blade Brown fan himself; he still recalls the day the Trap rapper hollered Bare Grillz for a fitting. "One of the biggest ones for me was doing Blade Brown's grillz. I have been listening to him since university! He's such an OG in the rap game and it was an honour".  

Members of Section Boyz rolled through to the Bare Grillz Lab after winning their MOBO award. The crew clearly wanted to celebrate in style by icing out their mouths with VVS diamonds.  

The Bare Grillz team are looking to broaden their horizons by branching out to the home of Grillz, USA. Jayesh has been out to New York and has even made connects with people including the East-side rap legend Jadakiss himself.   


The art of hustle has helped Jayesh to develop Bare Grillz in to one of the best and most popular Grillz' companies in London. Having started out as a technician with no real passion for making Grillz, Jayesh stated himself "100 percent it has grown in to something that I want to be best at! One time my boy asked me to make him Grill when i was a technician and I did it for him. Since then I started doing it more and it grew in to a huge passion of mine". Since Jayesh has started hustling to expand Bare Grillz, the company has become a well known and efficient Grillz fitting and designing company. 


EX.O: How did you grow in to the passion of designing Grillz? 

Bare Grillz: I didn't really have any passion to be honest. I was working here as a technician and one of my boys asked me to do him a gold tooth and I said 'okay cool' and I done it for him. I started making Grillz more and I started getting better at it and literally 3-4 months down the line people started hearing about my work. So I thought let me make a little brand out of it and that's how we started.  

EX.O: How long have you been designing Grillz for? 

Bare Grillz: I started about a year ago but all of the diamonds and stuff came along about 6 months ago. 

EX.O: Would you say it's grown into a passion the more you've been doing it? 

Bare Grillz: Hell yeah! I love doing this. You know what it's not the fact I like designing Grillz, it's the fact that I love to give people what they really want. Like if you truly understand what someone wants, then you'll get it right.  

EX.O: What do Grillz mean to you personally? 

Bare Grillz: Well Grillz to me is your personality, your swag! Like it's how you carry yourself. If want to Ice Your Smile you can do that. It's everyday use now; you see a lot of people these days wearing them. The music industry is getting mad now. Everyone in music is wearing them, they have become so accepted nowadays. 

EX.O: Obviously you have done Grillz for big UK rappers like Section Boyz, Blade Brown and AJ Tracey. How does it feel knowing they got in touch with you personally to ice them?  

Bare Grillz: Yeah man it's sick to know that these big artists get in touch with you for a pretty big favour. Like personally, one of the biggest ones for me was doing Blade Brown's grillz. I have been listening to him since university! He's an OG in the rap game and for me to do his Grillz was something big for me. 

With Section, Sleeks got in touch with me through Instagram. It was a bit surreal to be honest because they just won the MOBO awards and I was like sure lets do it. Then obviously AJ Tracey hollered and that's another one itself because their music are two completely different types. AJ is more Grime and Section are like UK rap/trap.  

EX.O: How did you come up with the name Bare Grillz? 

Bare Grillz: You know what it was just one day I was with my uncle and I was trying to think of a name. As a brand you can't just have simple name, you've got to be unique. He was like to me 'what do you think about Bare Grillz?' I thought about it for a second and I knew he had something there! From that point there I started growing my mind and I knew what I wanted it to look like.  

EX.O: What makes Bare Grillz stand out from others?  

Bare Grillz: Customer service. I love making my customers happy! Not so much about the money, the money will come.If you work hard and care about your customers the money will come. That's how I see it.  

EX.O: Have you been looking to branch out anywhere soon? 

Bare Grillz: Yeah most definitely! Well I've got plans to go out to America. I've got people out there. I just came back from New York City and I've got big people like Jadakiss out there who's gonna shout me out there. Jewellery will come in the future. 

EX.O: People don't really understand the process of making Grillz. How complex is it? 

Bare Grillz: It depends on how complex the job is. In terms of the amount diamonds or how many teeth they want done etc. But if you love what you do and you master your art, no job would be that hard. Back when I'd just do one gold tooth it would take me hours, now I just whack them out and I'm done.  

EX.O: How many karat was in the iciest set you have created?  

Bare Grillz: Wow! The biggest number of karat I've done was for a dude in Sheffield. They drove all the way down here. It was at least 500 stones in his Grill - VVS diamonds. People want what they want and you just have to get it done no question.   



 Be sure to check out the Bare Grillz Instagram page for some of the iciest Grillz around London. If interested in getting a fitting contact Jayesh through Instagram DM

Photo credits via: @bare.grillz - instagram

Photo of Jayesh by EX.O Trevor - @trevfromexo: IG